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Quality and speed of service

We know your needs about quick and quality repair service. The quality is our first priority, we take care of the details and we inform you adequately. The speed is of great importance as well, on one hand your machine will stay less in non-working condition and on the other we will release slot for the next reqest more rapidly.

The service facility is fully equipped with professional tools and machines, which allow to be performed complex repairs and fast workmanship. We have hydraulic and screw based press machines, professional pneumatic and electric tools, welding equipment, cranes and different lifting outfits, highly technological tools (Fiber Optic Scope, Laser Thermometer, Strobe Scope, ...), etc.

The team is formed by great professionals. On one hand we are dealing excellent with the repair service and on the other we do speciallize requests with inventive approach (for example shortening a lorry truck and aquipping it to semi-trailer truck). The quality of service is on a level which meets well the requirements in the European Union.

Tail lifts - service and repair

A tail lift is a mechanical device permanently fitted to the back of van or lorry, which is designed to facilitate the materials handling of goods from ground level or a loading dock to the level of the load bed of the vehicle, or vice versa.

The majority of tail lifts are hydraulic or pneumatic in operation and are controlled by an operator using an electric relay switch.

We offer service and repairing of such mechanisms, also we can handle warranty and out of warrranty tail lifts. You can contact us for more details regarding your specific model.

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Spare parts second hand

This is part of the flexible solutions for optimizing your costs. If you have limitted budget we can make repair with parts which are new in a combination with second hand ones. This way the important parts are going to be replaced by new ones and the rest in a case of availability can be used second hand parts. Like this you get satisfactory result and off course your costs are less.

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Trailers and semitrailers breaking systems

In our service facility there are maintenance of the breaking systems of trailers or semitrailers. Trailers and semitrailers which are in warranty or out of warranty can be handled. About details for your model, please use the contact below.

Contact - Eng. Genadi Velikov: +359 (0) 888 242052

MAN and Mercedes-Benz computer diagnostics

In the service facility you can get computer diagnostics of the electronics of your truck MAN or Mercedes-Benz. For details regarding your poblem, please use the contact below.

Contact - Eng. Genadi Velikov: +359 (0) 888 242052